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Silk Benefits

Silk is a well kept beauty secret and has remained that way for years, with many people opting for satin with the notion that it compares to silk. 

Silk and satin cannot be fairly compared as silk is a natural fibre and satin is a weave. Although you can find satin made from silk, it is more common for people to purchase satin made from other components such as polyester. 

Silk has many benefits for the hair and the skin and once completely understood the obvious choice naturally becomes silk. So what are the benefits you ask? We have compiled a short list of why we love silk so much.

  • Natural temperature regulator: it is breathable which helps your body to retain heat in the winter and remain cool in the summer.  

  • Hypoallergenic: it has natural fungal repellent properties which is perfect for sensitive skin and scalps. 

  • Reduces signs of aging: it does not remove moisture from your skin (keeping your night cream on your face while you sleep) resulting in skin remaining plumper for longer and reducing fine lines. 

  • Protects hair: it does not conduct static electricity, minimises friction between the fabric and hair. It has an added benefit of not drawing out moisture from the hair (keeping those expensive hair products on your hair for longer). 

  • Durable: it tends to last longer than other fibres so your silk pillowcase becomes a very good investment. 

  • Great for asthma and allergies: it is a dust mite repellent so great for those with sensitive sinuses and noses.